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My New Year Trip

Hello!!! Today I write about "My New Year Trip"
My new year trip is on 30 December 2017.......
I went to phrea on 30 December to 1 January 2018.I went to Phrae by car.I think it's very far form my house.I visited my grandparent.I stayed at my grandparent house.I have stayed at my grandparent house for two days.
Then at night I went to kadkongkao.It has a lot of food there.It's fresh air at that night.I bought many thing there.It's so excited because I saw a old picture but I didn't take a photo there.
Next day I went to my grandfather's garden.
It's has many chicken there.I fed the fish food to the fish.It was fun.I saw my grandfather's filed.It has a lot of rice and vegetable.That night is a new year.I was very very excited.The fireworks is very beautiful in that night
Last day at Phrea. I didn't go any way.I went to home only.^^
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My New Year Trip
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